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Sourcing and Supplier Management is responsible for managing the acquisition of indirect goods and services for Anthem, Inc.  These include goods and services such as office supplies, travel, IT hardware and software, telecom, business process outsourcing, IT offshore professional services, print, marketing materials, advertising and media, marketing services, freight, facilities related expenses, capital expenditures, legal, temporary labor, recruitment, as well as various HR services and consulting.

For these kinds of purchases, Anthem uses an objective, fact-based process known as "strategic sourcing" to select and contract with Anthem's suppliers. The strategic sourcing process proactively defines business requirements and selects suppliers that offer Anthem the best overall value.

As part of strategic sourcing, selection criteria are identified and used to objectively select the best supplier(s). Selection factors include, but are not limited to, cost, service, quality, delivery times, and investment in innovation and supplier diversity. Our process is designed to ensure equal and fair treatment to prospective suppliers.

Anthem, Inc. utilizes the Ariba Network to search for qualified suppliers that meet Anthem’s business need.  Prospective suppliers who wish to help us learn about their company, should follow the registration process outlined below.

Supplier Registration Process

If you are a prospective supplier please follow the Supplier Registration Process.

Anthem, Inc. utilizes the Ariba Network to determine qualified suppliers that meet Anthem’s business need.  Prospective suppliers should complete Ariba’s Supplier Registration Process.* 

*Please Note: To complete the supplier registration process, you will leave and enter the Ariba Network (AN) site. Once there, please click on ‘Register as New Supplier’ on the left-hand side of the screen, complete the online registration form and follow the on-screen instructions.

Anthem, Inc. does not do business with persons or entities identified on the General Services Administration's List of Parties Excluded from Federal Programs and the HHS\OIG List of Excluded Individuals\Entities.

Supporting Documents

Icon - PDF (GIF)    Guidelines for Prospective Suppliers pdf (47 KB)
 Icon - PDF (GIF)    Company Policy and Procedures pdf (125 KB)
     To obtain a copy of Anthem's Supplier Travel Guidelines, please send an email to

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